Initial Pilot Study Findings

Pilot Study

The ongoing Texas Youth Permanency Study explores this question with youth currently in the foster care system in Texas. Preliminary findings suggest that:

- Authentic relationships matter most.
- Every child needs to feel normal.
- Authentic relationships and feeling normal foster well-being in adulthood.

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TYPS Training

Let Kids Be Kids Workshop
All children need opportunities to participate in age-appropriate activities, socialize with friends and explore intimate relationships. Through these activities youth discover their interests and talents, experiment, practice decision-making skills and develop healthy relationships with peers and adults. Children and youth in foster care are no different! This workshop provides information on the importance of normalcy and what caregivers and other adults can do to ensure their children are living as normal a life as possible.


Training Objectives
  • Participants will learn how experiences in foster care affect social development, outcomes and relationships
  • Participants will learn how supporting normalcy activities can promote child wellbeing
  • Participants will learn about best practices to promote normalcy and understand the legal protections afforded through the prudent parent standard
Caregivers, CASA, and other adults involved with children and youth in foster care


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